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Special Edition Pontiac Trans Ams
In 1976, the Special Edition Trans Am was introduced.  It followed with 1977-1978 body and completed its run with the 1979 body.  People often try to imitate true special editions, but they are just that.  Imitations.  We are going to share the engine codes and the few ways to figure if your car is genuine.


1976 Pontiac Trans Am

1976 –Y82 Pontiac came out with their first Special Edition to celebrate their 50th anniversary featuring the gold bird appointments and gold poly cast honeycomb rims. 

1977 Pontiac Trans Am
1977-1978 Special Edition
Y82 Hurst T-Top & Y81 Hardtop Trans Ams

The movie Smokey and the Bandit came out and Burt Renolds helped make these SE Trans Am’s and instant hit.  All Y82’s had black exterior (The Cowl tag would show 19L 19U).  They all had gold bird decals and German style lettering, gold pin stripping around, and gold colored front grilles.

Many of the interiors were black, but some varied in color and still were SE.  The interior appointments featured a gold swirled dash Bezel and gold spokes on the steering wheel.  In 1977 – Early model 1978, the exterior arrowhead nose, and wheel cap emblems were red.  The door emblems and shifter emblems were all gold.  In 1978 and up all those appointments were gold.  1977 and early model 1978’s build before March came with 15x7 snowflake rims with gold painted inserts.  All these models came with Hurst T Tops.  The models after March of 1978 featured much larger fisher T-Tops and would have carried an Y84 engine code.

y84 1978 Pontiac Trans Am
1979 Y84 Trans Am Special Edition
This carried a new front end, and the Fisher T-Tops with similar gold appointments that made up this beautiful car.




Am I Buying A True Special Edition Trans Am?
There are a few ways to tell if your SE is genuine:

1.) Look on the cowl tag for the appropriate engine code matching your year T/A. If that doesn't give you the code your looking for don't be discouraged. MAny of the 1976, 1977, and early 1978 models didn't have the cowl tags listed with a Y82. (Follow the next step.

2.) Look for the build sheet. It is commonly behind the rear back seat or attached to the top of the gas tank.

3.) The most foolproof way to find out if your Special Edition is genuine, is to order your original window sticker from PHS (Pontiac Historical Society).

If It Is A True SE you Will Know It!

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